We deliver exceptional property design, build, management and consultancy services for individuals and organisations.

We believe that architecture should not only delight the eye but serve a real purpose. Yes, the design of a property or development must be aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s vital that the finished result must deliver for those who will make the property their home, whether for short term holiday stays or a long term residence they’ve purchased.

All the spaces we create are designed with luxurious comfort in mind. We design and build with sensitivity to a development’s surroundings. We construct each property from sustainably sourced materials. Every room is beautifully presented and ready to meet the multiple living needs required by contemporary tastes and trends, and we build all our homes with people in mind. That’s why you can always be assured of a stunningly built, perfectly managed home from Luxury Villas Marbella S.L.

Our Services

We provide bespoke property design, build, management and consultancy services at a rate of between 5% and 15% of the total value of the project. The exact level of our fees will depend on the extent of the role we play. You can be sure that whatever our role or level of contribution, it will make a positive difference to the success of the project.

Expert design

From drafting plans to handing over the keys, our experts ensure each project receives the best design services, delivering stunning properties that feature the right mix of flair, originality and functionality.

Bespoke solutions

We believe everything is possible. So whatever features you desire, we can accommodate your needs and deliver the property of your dreams.

Sustainable approach

We’re committed to responsible construction, reducing the impact our work has on the environment. And we design and build homes created using sustainable architecture that will enable people to live and thrive in environmentally friendly homes.

We create outstanding homes that stand out. Buildings with a unique blend of artistic flair, a commitment to luxury and respect for the environment. Every feature from floor to ceiling, wall to wall is carefully designed and brilliantly constructed to deliver residences that are perfect long term homes or short-term holiday rentals.

About Us

Architecture is our passion. Our teams consist of the best, most talented professionals, each of whom makes a vital contribution to the overall project. Our goal is always to deliver the exceptional. Homes with stand out features that seamlessly blend in with their surroundings. Sustainability drives everything we do, so our developments are special places in which people can live in harmony with the world around them.

Locations are chosen with total care and respect for our client’s desires, with each project designed to suit its environment. Our project management and consultancy services are provided with the express intent of making a positive difference to the success of every project. We want every property that bears our name to bring fresh energy to the area in which it’s constructed, and to empower those who make our places their home with the means to live sustainably.

We know we are only as good as our last project and that, ultimately, the places we create must speak for themselves. That’s why we invite you to explore our past developments and then contact us to see how we can make a crucial difference to your next project. Our fees range from 5% to 15% of a project’s total value. The exact level will depend on the extent of the role we play in making your development an outstanding success.